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As a reliable and outcomes-focused WordPress website design company, we prioritize simplicity in managing your website. Our team of WordPress website experts ensures your setup on the most user-friendly web platform. Utilize Digi Mikey Digital Marketing Agency’s professional WordPress design and development services to establish a high-converting site optimized for search.

What Is WordPress?

Achieve Results Using the Most Widely Adopted Content Management System

If you’ve conducted a Google search for “what is WordPress,” chances are you’ve encountered a website powered by WordPress. This website creation tool is the driving force behind more than 38 percent of the web, making it a trusted choice for approximately 1 in 3 websites. If your search involved “how to design a WordPress website,” you likely discovered that this platform is renowned for its user-friendly nature and ease of understanding.

The original vision of the WordPress development team was to establish a digital space where users could freely share their stories. They ensured that users could:

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  • Utilize the software for free.
  • Extend or modify the WordPress code as needed.
  • Employ the code for commercial purposes without licensing fees.

So, what exactly is WordPress, and what is it used for today?

WordPress is an open-source software and content management system (CMS) that empowers:

  • Websites
  • Enterprise websites
  • Blogs
  • Applications
  • Complex portals
  • Anything you can imagine.

In the realm of WordPress, themes dictate the appearance and ambiance of your website, while plugins contribute functionality, such as integrating a contact form or incorporating search engine optimization (SEO) tools. Typically, a WordPress web designer concentrates on your branding and visual elements, while a WordPress web developer manages the underlying code.

The potential for creativity is boundless with a WordPress website, but bringing your vision to fruition requires the expertise of a professional WordPress design and development team.

Why Your Business Should Use WordPress Web Design

Enhance Your Online Visibility with a Search-Optimized Website

We’ve delved into “what is WordPress” and “what is WordPress used for,” but to grasp its benefits, let’s explore how WordPress web design proves advantageous for your business. You don’t have to be a WordPress designer or an experienced developer to appreciate these advantages.

To drive more sales, your website must first be discoverable online. Subsequently, your web design should be visually appealing, presenting all the necessary information for potential customers. It should feature intuitive navigation, ensuring the best possible browsing experience.



From the perspective of a WordPress expert, achieving everything your business site needs is entirely feasible and easily achievable with WordPress design services.

For a high-performing website, WordPress development is essential. Here’s why:

Versatility in WordPress Web Design

With the expertise of a WordPress professional, you have a fully adaptable web platform that serves as an ideal tool for crafting virtually any type of website. Display your business site, blog, or eCommerce store according to your preferences with WordPress web design. With over 5,000 free WordPress themes available, illustrating the proper way to design a WordPress website, a WordPress developer can also create a unique one tailored to your needs.

User-Friendly Content Management System

Managing your site shouldn’t be complex. The WordPress development team deliberately crafted the platform to cater to a non-technical audience. The WordPress Content Management System (CMS) is so user-friendly that it can make anyone feel like a WordPress web developer. Simply log in to your WordPress admin dashboard, add or update your web content, and witness the changes instantly upon refreshing the page.

Powerful WordPress Website Plugins

While recognized as a straightforward visual editor, the potency of WordPress web design capabilities is extensive. With plugins, you can incorporate custom forms, visual sliders, and other visually appealing elements to your website, along with robust analytics and WordPress SEO tools. The vast array of 50,000 (and counting) free plugins simplifies the process of building a fully functional WordPress website.

Search Engine Optimized (SEO-Ready) WordPress Web Design

In conjunction with excellent WordPress SEO plugins, the platform is designed to simplify the optimization of your site. Incorporating your keywords into permalinks, adding metadata to all posts, and optimizing images with alt text are effortlessly achievable, establishing a robust WordPress SEO foundation. Moreover, WordPress themes and plugins are recognized for delivering an outstanding user experience, a factor that Google acknowledges by granting higher search rankings.

WordPress experts empower your business site to operate at its optimal level, attracting more traffic and ultimately generating more leads. Collaborating with a WordPress web design agency, as opposed to hand-coding your site from scratch, enables you to enjoy the benefits of an optimized site more quickly and at a fraction of your budget.

Digi Mikey Digital Marketing Agency provides WordPress web design services with a focus on enhancing user experience (UX) — beneficial for search engines and even more advantageous for conversions.


Allow us to demonstrate how to design a WordPress website with the user in mind and how to construct a WordPress website geared towards sales through WordPress development services. Schedule a consultation with a WordPress expert today.